How to recycle masks?

The use of masks has become the new normal with the pandemic that began in 2020. Both scientists and experts recommend their use as it is the best barrier to prevent the increase in infections.

Although it is not the only option, since we have other measures, so far it has been revealed as the most effective of all.

The only negative aspect, to put a but and be realistic, is that if they are not disposed of correctly they can become pollutants.

How to recycle masks? - WHO Councils and Béjar Masks

How can we recycle masks effectively?

Important: the mask itself could be a contaminating agent due to COVID or other viruses.

There are few experts who warn it. Even from the WHO.

Basic recommendations of Mascarillas Béjar to recycle masks

  • Leave them in safe places for at least 24 hours before throwing them away. In case, as we said above, they were indeed transmitting vehicles in case of having been in contact with the virus
  • After those 24 hours, we recommend discarding them in a bag or bucket separated from the rest of the garbage to avoid contagion
  • The WHO recommends throwing them directly in the garbage can on the street, to avoid contagion at home
  • Cut the elastic bands that hold the mask before throwing them away

How to recycle masks? - WHO Councils and Béjar Masks

WHO recommendations for recycling masks:

What consequences does polypropylene have for masks?

Propylene is a plastic that takes more than 400 years to break down. It is very important that we are aware of this. That is why we recommend depositing them in the appropriate container. So that they do not become, in the end, pollutants of the environment.

How to recycle masks? - WHO Councils and Béjar Masks

What does the WHO recommend doing with masks?

It is not appropriate to deposit them in the recyclable waste container since it could infect waste managers, they must be disposed of protected in a bag.

What are the other options for recycling them?

Use the sanitary waste containers. Always remember to throw them in the waste container and not in the plastic one.

All experts recognize that today a lot of waste is being generated but the most important thing is to stop the spread of this pandemic. From Mascarillas Béjar we want you to protect yours, do not forget to comply with all the safety regulations and recommendations of the professionals.