How can we reuse masks

Masks have become a staple item. Since the beginning of the health pandemic they are used in an essential way. And although in the middle of the year everything seemed to relax, again we experienced a wave of infections that seems to slow down with the use of approved masks.

However, not all masks are equally effective, nor is it recommended to use them multiple times. In fact, there are many complaints that have arrived at the OCU for not being approved and defective. So is it possible to find a way that allows them to be reused?

Reuse masks according to the type they are

The Spanish government ruled the mandatory use of masks in closed spaces and on public roads from 6-year-old children. This in addition to the condition that there is a safety distance of 2 meters. Given the increase in infections, people when leaving home must be duly protected with an approved one. However, this has generated many doubts among people, from whether we can reuse them, whether they can be used homemade, etc.

In addition, different types of masks have emerged on the market that can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy or purchased online, on Amazon or even in Chinese stores, for example. But which is the most reliable? Given its essential use, it is necessary to consider a series of guidelines to avoid not only expenses and scams, but especially infections when reusing masks.

Surgical masks, those that are purchased in pharmacies, cannot be reused. They are made to be single use, and also for only a few hours. This means that if 6 to 8 hours have passed or if it is dirty or damp or was used in a hazardous environment, it should be discarded.

There is another type of mask, those with a valve or FFP2 and FFP3 -the duck-billed ones-, for example, which, like surgical masks, prevent the passage of the virus for those who wear it, but it does not occur in the opposite direction and that is why they are called "selfish." It should be noted that the health authorities only recommend them for health personnel. They can be reused but their continued use is not recommended.

The Ministry of Health has declared that "hygienic (surgical) are a perfect complement to the measures of physical distancing and hygiene." And even more, that using them "could help reduce the transmission of the virus." Instead, the document states that it does not recommend the reuse of sanitary masks unless the manufacturer indicates otherwise.

There are also those made of fabric, so famous these days because many designs can be chosen or even made at home. However, although we can reuse disinfect the masks, they are the least recommended, since they generally do not have a filter and are not approved, so their effectiveness against Covid is less. Likewise, if they are made of cotton or natural fabrics, they get wet and dirty easily and do not guarantee protection against the coronavirus.

Then, If the surgical ones are the most appropriate, but we cannot reuse sanitary or surgical, what option do we choose? Masks Béjar has the solution with its reusable hygienic masks that allow up to 5 washes. They are like surgical ones, but we can reuse them, so you save and you don't have to use the fabric one that is effective.

Masks Béjar has approved and sanitary reusable masks

Companies that sanitary reusable masks by Mascarillas Béjar They belong in addition to having three layers, they are light, they allow you to breathe very well and are disinfectable and reusable. That's right, pYou can use them and even wash them 5 times in the washing machine at home simply with detergent and at a temperature between 60 and 90 ° C.

In this way you can wear our masks with the confidence that they are for various uses and, with proper care, use them several times saving on the purchase of toilets and thereby helping the environment by not throwing and disposing of them every day.

Where to buy reusable masks of different colors and patterns

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Remember that our products are CE marked and comply with the UNE standards. Do not forget to use them correctly from nose to chin, covering your nose and mouth, for the best respiratory protection and effective bacterial filtration against infectious agents.

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