How to turn an adult mask into a child mask

Due to the growing demand in the Spanish market, an increasing variety of masks can be found, but sometimes it is difficult to find high protection masks to protect the little ones, in our catalog you can find surgical masks for children, but if your order has not arrived and you need your children to go out to the streets protected, we bring you a temporary solution. From Béjar masks we recommend the proper use of them. 

Children's surgical masks

Since the state of alarm began, children have to go to the street, various activities and educational centers using it like other people.

Although at the beginning of the disease it was believed that the little ones were immune and that it did not affect them, it has already been shown that they can suffer it just as well. Although until now the infection generally affects them in a milder way, if they suffer from it, they could infect others, so it is recommended that they use it.

Although normality among children does not suffer symptoms, there have been cases in which some minors have been seriously affected, it is always better to prevent. The Ministry of Health recommends that safety measures be met for all people, regardless of their age, these measures are, the use of masks, washing hands with hydrophilic gel, social distance and adequate hygiene among others.

Here we have a series of tips that we have compiled to convert surgical masks for adults into one for children, for those moments when your order for Béjar Masks has not arrived and you need a solution for your children:

We have seen different solutions, such as the use of staples disinfecting the surface with alcohol, at Mascarillas Béjar we do not recommend this option since both the alcohol and the staple could damage the filter of the latter, causing it to lose its properties.

Children's surgical masks

The solution that we recommend is the famous solution of folding the mask and making a knot, now we will explain it to you in detail, but remember that before handling the mask you must properly disinfect your hands and we even recommend the use of gloves.

 Place the mask in such a way that the upper inner part is visible, make a fold in the lower part that is visible, so it will be reduced, you will see that the ends will be closer together, then you should make a double knot in the rubber bands to increase the tension of the tires.

Once all these steps are done you should have a smaller one. We remember that this could serve as a temporary fix but we do not recommend its daily use.

kids surgical masks

Remember that our products are CE marked and meet all UNE standards, these are ideal for respiratory protection as they have very efficient bacterial filtration efficacy against infectious agents. Do not forget that the correct use of the masks is from the nose to the chin, that is, covering your nose and mouth.

Also, if you want more original and reusable, at Mascarillas Béjar we have packs of reusable sanitary masks with different colors and patterns. They can be used multiple times and you can machine wash them up to 5 times, so you won't have to use and throw away as many.

They also match your clothes. We also have children with pictures for children. And if you want, we can also personalize reusable items with your logo, brand, etc. For any doubt contacts or write to us at