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Now the big question iswhere to buy masks? And it is that we already know widely about the need for its use: it has been one of the main recommendations of the WHO to contain the number of infections by COVID-19 and, in the medical field, for the different branches, it is an element of biosecurity indispensable of all time. 

As confirmed by the WHO, a great shortage of these products was generated due to the increase in demand and hoarding, as a result of the panic generated after the declaration of a COVID-19 pandemic, as you will remember.

This situation put health care workers, their families, patients, and thus all kinds of people at direct risk. 

As a consequence of all this, manufacturers of masks are not suitable for the purpose of protecting humanity from contagion. Fabrics that do not comply with the adequate filtration percentage, with designs that are not anatomical and that, in any case, do not function as a barrier for this type of virus, considered to be at high risk of contagion, due to the microdroplets from the mouth and nose, which are the carriers.

Therefore, the urgent need arose to find sites of trusted and certified suppliers where to buy masks, which are recommended by specialists so that both medical personnel and other citizens can protect ourselves from coronavirus infection. 

To address the problem and give you judgment tools on where to buy the masks, we collect for you all this precise and specialized information about where to buy them and why your choice is so important. 

Why should your company have masks?

The use of masks more than an obligation it is an act of responsibility with health own and with that of the entire community. We know that the microdroplets that carry the virus and dissipated through the mouth or nose, can lead to person-to-person infection or remain on surfaces that become a source of contagion. 

For this reason, the use of the mask is more necessary so that companies and businesses in all sectors, especially those related to the health sector, can guarantee safety and risk management protocols within their facilities. 

With this they can ensure their operability and continue to count on the essential productive force of their human team. 

Keep in mind that now it is not enough to use a hygienic mask, as this is one of those that cannot prevent the transfer of the virus-carrying microdroplets.

Even the masks have filters that can be improved to maximize their effectiveness, already outstanding and insurmountable so far in this type of contagion that COVID-19 presents. 

According to the SEFAP (Spanish Society of Primary Care Pharmacists) masks can be divided into 3 types according to their Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): 

  • Type I masks: BFE ≥ 95% 
  • Type II masks: BFE ≥ 98%
  • IIR masks: BFE ≥ 98% with splash resistance. 
  • As they claim experts of the Madrid medical corps, masks are sufficient and necessary to reduce the risk of contagion. As you can imagine, its effectiveness should be used by the entire community, not only by the health sector. 

    Other types of masks such as PPE individual protection masks in their three types (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3) are unnecessary, as they are recommended for people exposed to high risk situations, such as in ICU care. 

    On the other hand, we have that the use of these PPE type individual protection masks may be insufficient and inappropriate in some cases, since PPE masks with exhalation valves favor the spread of the virus by infected people.

    This represents a real risk in the face of this type of virus that has asymptomatic carriers, who can infect others without knowing it, as pointed out by the director of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, at his press conference on June 11, 2020. 

    In summary, the use of masks is the most recommended for companies and all people in general, even those from the medical body or the health sector. With its use you get the following benefits: 

    • Compliance with biosafety protocols. 
    • Compliance with regulations on the mandatory use of masks in public, open and closed spaces, especially when it is not possible to keep the minimum distance of 1 m from person to person. 
    • Both the wearer of the mask and the people around him protect themselves. 
    • They are even effective in people who already carry the virus and do not know it. 
    • They have their UNE-EN 14683: 2019 AC standard, which regulates their quality and effectiveness. 
    • They are anatomically designed. 
    • They are free for sale, both medical and specialized health personnel as well as for other citizens.

    The masks are recommended by specialists in epidemiology and public health to contain the type of virus that is COVID-19.

    Where to buy masks in Spain?

    To buy masks it is important to take into account the national offer, in order to support the local economy and obtain the constant and reliable offer that you need, whether as a citizen, medical personnel or the person in charge of protecting the employees of your company.

    By considering local options, you will not only make your contribution to the local economy and the job creation it generates. In addition, you get the following benefits: 

    • More affordable and average prices. 
    • A product adjusted to the high standards of quality and local biosafety. 
    • Permanent offer and in necessary volumes. 
    • Delivery facilities. 
    • Lower risk of product contamination due to packaging, landings and other import processes. 

    Béjar masks are a product of the Spanish industry and are above the effectiveness standards of their type, with 99.7% BFE.

    You can find all these advantages and benefits of acquiring your local product in Mascarillas Béjar, the line that arises in response to the call of the WHO, of all government entities and of the citizens and medical personnel themselves.

    Masks Béjar arises to face this enemy and ensure that this contingency that we had to live does not have major consequences, due to the absence of the basic biosafety equipment. 

    Of course, within the objectives of this initiative that is Masks Béjar, there is the social responsibility of maintaining the employment of our human team and continuing to contribute to the national economy with our company that, for more than 25 years, has been developing textile and comfort solutions throughout the country. 

    However, our purpose goes much further: "It is about stopping this virus together." We contribute our grain of sand from what we do best, which is to develop specialized textile products for the well-being of humanity. 

    We have prepared ourselves in the textile and design regulations, we have the special machinery to make masks on a large scale and we provide the entire country with an affordable product at the level of companies, health professionals and families.

    To date, more than 20 families and companies have already trusted Masks Béjar and protect themselves against the enemy: COVID-19. 

    For now, our production is focused on the national level and we plan to continue contributing to the country's economy with exports that will help us generate more local employment and help other people take care of themselves, fighting to contain this pandemic. 

    Béjar Masks are produced in Spain and have certifications for export purposes to continue contributing to the national economy and global public health.

    Our masks for companies have the same specifications as for health professionals and for families, as we believe that protection should be the highest and most appropriate to contain COVID-19 among all. 

    The design of our Béjar masks is rectangular and has special and unique characteristics that differentiate them from the common offer: 

    Triple protection

    Our surgical masks exceed the conditions of this type, as they provide triple protection, with a BFE higher than 99.7%. This is achieved with its triple layer composition

    1. Outer layer: 25 gram polypropylene (spunbond).
    2. Middle layer: with 53 gram TNT filter (spunlace). Common masks on the market only have a 20 gram white filter. 
    3. Inner layer: 25 gram white polypropylene (spunbond).


    • Well positioned and uniform folds. 
    • Flexible wire, well positioned and sealed. Allows a secure and comfortable fit for different ages and facial builds. 
    • Well-sealed elastic, moldable at the top for a perfect fit and maximum comfort over long periods of use. 
    • Fastening system with extra long and resistant rubber bands. 


    • 99.7% efficiency with additional anti-fluid property (IIR). 
    • Non-woven fabric material, which is essential to form the barrier against microdroplets.
    • Free of toxic and irritating substances such as latex and fiberglass, which have adverse effects on health and generate discomfort. 
    • They do not give off particles and are resistant to humidity from the respiratory air flow. 
    • Perforation-free body and full ultrasonic sealing. 


    • Certified by the UNE-EN 14683: 2019 + AC standard. 
    • Certified by the Textile Technological Institute (Aitex). 

    This guarantees that both the manufacturing and design process and the materials used in the production of our Masks Béjar, comply with the standards and have proven their effectiveness and quality. 

    Customized on the product

    You can customize our masks for companies, so that they keep the corporate identity in businesses in different sectors. 

    This is done on request and you could include the logo or slogan of your company, for different philanthropic purposes, brand marketing or to highlight your company's commitment to the entire human team, both internally (employees and suppliers) and externally (buyers). 



    Custom in the package

    The package of our offer has been customized to meet the needs and demand of both companies and health professionals and families. These are the personalized presentations you find: 

    • Pack Family: It consists of 4 boxes of 50 masks each. Total of 200 units. 
    • Pack Professional: Consists of 40 boxes of 50 units each. Total of 2000 units. 
    • Pack single: Consists of 2 boxes of 50 units each. Total of 100 units.  

    How to choose the ideal masks for your company?

    To choose the ideal masks for your company, you must have different variables in addition to the Béjar quality and its high effectiveness, already demonstrated. 

    It is necessary to take into account the volume you will need of these according to: 

    • Number of employees. 
    • Working hours of each employee. 
    • Type of work to be carried out and risks of rupture, contamination or damage to the mask. 
    • Business days of the human team in the company. 

    All of the above is essential so that you can make an accurate projection and make sure you always have this basic, mandatory and effective element to prevent the spread of the virus in companies. 

    For this screening, it is essential that you also consider the following general biosafety recommendations for the use of masks: 

    • These are not reusable. 
    • They must be changed in case of damage or breakage. 
    • Your change should be made at most every 6 to 8 hours. 
    • In case of humidity they must be changed immediately. 
    • They must be disposed of in accordance with the biosafety specifications. 
    • They should be stored at room temperature and in a space free from humidity. 

    Now, to ensure that the choice of presentation of Béjar masks be as effective as it can be, it is essential that you know the indications for use and some special recommendations: 


    When placing your Béjar mask

    • You should wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or, failing that, disinfect them with antibacterial gel, before coming into contact with the mask. 
    • Always check against the light that the mask has no holes or tears.
    • The side of the wire should go on top when laying. 
    • This wire should be adjusted to the nasal bridge or part of the septum, so as to prevent microdroplets or external bacteria from coming into contact with the nostrils and mouth. 
    • For no reason should you modify the composition or design of the mask.
    • The mask should only be used in areas that have sufficient amounts of oxygen to guarantee life. 
    • You should not use it when the amounts of polluting particles are dangerous to health or life, for example, from chemicals or gases. 
    • Remove the mask in the presence of dizziness. 
    • You must change and discard it daily, in periods of use of 6 to 8 hours maximum. 

        When removing your Béjar mask

        • Always remove it from the rubbers, holding them and pulling them forward. 
        • Keep it away from contact with clothes, face and other parts of the body. 
        • Throw the mask in the trash marked for biohazard waste. 
        • Wash your hands again according to the recommendations indicated by the WHO.

        Keep in mind that these recommendations and indications for use must be adopted by each of the members of the company and in all areas, in order to reduce the risk of contagion and make the masks have all the proven effectiveness. 

        Do not forget that these practices should be considered both within the company's facilities, as well as in the routes and use of public spaces, open or closed. 

        Remember also that, in addition to the masks, the following basic rules of care must be followed to contain the contagion: 

        • Distance of 1 to 2 meters between people. 
        • Maintain frequent hand washing (every two hours or earlier due to the risk of contamination in them). 
        • Use of antibacterial gel when hand washing is not possible. 
        • Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with your hands. 
        • Avoid all surfaces while away from home. 
        • Disinfect work surfaces and items periodically. 

        In the same way, it is important that you promote a culture of prevention and care throughout the company or business by sharing accurate information on the use of masks and biosafety protocols. 

        Benefits of Béjar Masks

        Now that you know the recommendations for the use of masks, the place to buy certified masks of national origin and the characteristics that make them special for companies and professionals (these being the sectors in which the demand is greater), it is appropriate synthesize the benefits that in Béjar we give you for your choice: 

        • They are those indicated by the WHO to effectively contain the spread of COVID-19. 
        • They have a very competitive cost, which makes them affordable for everyone, including healthcare professionals and businesses.
        • They are certified by the competent entities and auditors specialized in masks. 
        • Its design is special for long hours of use, since it avoids marks and facial and ear fatigue. 
        • They allow a better visual quality, with their sealed and lined wire that provides a personalized fit, avoiding obstruction in the ocular area.
        • They give you greater protection than other masks of the same type IIR. 
        • They come in presentations appropriate to the particular need for quantities. 
        • They can be customized for your company, which is a differentiating feature that you cannot find in others. 
        • They are produced in the Béjar municipality, which allows your purchase to contribute directly to economic development and national employment. 
        • We deliver your order at home. 
        • We have the best delivery and customer service team to follow up on your order from when it leaves the factory to your door. 
        • Our product has a high social meaning, therefore, in support of the most vulnerable sectors and in accordance with the government's contingency measures, VAT is not charged to clinics, NGOs, hospitals, public organizations and socially essential groups. 
        • The entire purchase process can be done through our Web page

        Finally, thanks to our Masks BéjarYou can have all the protective power of this element for professionals for your company and family, being indicated by specialists in public health for this type of virus that we had to face, since the state of health emergency was proclaimed in March by COVID-19. 


        The need for the use of masks is already widely known in the world and in the case of Spain, it has a mandatory use under certain exceptions since June, in accordance with the WHO recommendations. Now, the question of professionals and companies in the health sector and of everyone, in general, is where to buy masks for companies? 

        This question also has to do with following the recommendations of health specialists, which explicitly indicate the effectiveness of masks to reduce the risk of infection by COVID-19. 

        These masks are highly effective when they are made under current UNE-EN 14683: 2019 + AC regulations, which establish the quality standards that they must meet.

        For this reason, it is important that you choose a certified mask supplier as we are at Mascarillas Béjar, in which, in addition, you find a national product, with added value both in its superiority of protection, presentation and design, as well as in the social sense that inspires us. 

        Finally, it is important that, in addition to choosing where to buy masks, you follow the biosafety protocol established by the WHO and disseminate it within the company or collective environment, to ensure that the battle against the spread of COVID-19 is won.