Alert for ineffectiveness of some masks with the British strain

A new strain of coronavirus has recently emerged in Europe. Specifically in Great Britain. And it is feared that many of the masks that are in circulation will not serve to stop the spread of this variant of the virus.

The alarm has arisen in different countries of the European Union.

In fact they are already taking extra measures even though it was previously unknown. All this with the sole purpose of stopping the advance of the virus and its mutations. The French government has already advised against the use of masks with less than 90%.

This means that the majority of cloth and hygienic masks become useless from now on, since their use would pose a risk to the user by not having protection.

Alert for ineffectiveness of some masks with the British strain - Mascarillas Béjar - Surgical masks

The Minister of Solidarity and Health of France, Olivier Véran, affirmed this past Tuesday that these masks were insufficient. As well as that they were causing levels of contagion higher than usual. Claim backed by the French High Council for Health, and furthermore, warned that it was one of the reasons why this strain had been so out of control in the UK.

The Minister stated on the France Inter station that category two artisanal and fabric masks "do not offer sufficient guarantees in the face of this new threat" since they only offer a filtration of up to 70%.

The recommended surgical masks and FFP2, since these offer a filtration superior to 95%.

Infection growth

The French Government has studied the results of the PCR tests that have been carried out in the country. It also states that those affected by this new strain already account for 1,4% of those infected by COVID. The numbers are only growing. This means that 140 out of every 1000 affected is by the new mutation.

Authorities fear its spread as this variant is known to be highly aggressive and contagious. They have the case of a residence near Paris where 36 people quickly became infected with it.

This new news raises fears that a new total confinement will be considered.

Like the one we suffered last year, this would be the third they would go through in France. Last Saturday it was announced that it would not be the case for now but they have tightened the measures marking the curfew at 18.00:XNUMX p.m.

At Masks Béjar We recommend the use of approved masks, as well as respecting the security measures imposed, we will soon be able to end this pandemic all together.