An old textile factory in Béjar reinvents itself and begins to manufacture approved masks

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Béjar has centuries of success in the textile industry, but today, and for many years, many of the factories remain closed due, among other things, to stifling competition from China.

An old textile factory in Béjar (Salamanca) is achieving explosive success by having focused, after reinventing itself, on the manufacture of surgical-type masks at quite competitive prices, which can be purchased through the internet in its online store and sent to Spain within a maximum of one week, as announced on its website, available here.

This is the company Fibras Textiles Sánchez SL, a company that explains that it has already more than 25 years of experience manufacturing products for rest, but that "due to the current situation we have felt the need to contribute to this health crisis by making available all our resources to make high-filtration masks. "

Béjar has centuries of success in the textile industry, but today, and for many years, many of the factories remain closed due, among other things, to stifling competition from China.

Official recommendations

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health due to the current pandemic, and at the point of beginning the lack of definition at the moment only of those under 14 years of age, surgical masks should be used in diagnosed patients or those with symptoms of respiratory infection, as well as the staff who accompany you.

It is also recommended for use outside homes, since Covid-19 can spread from person to person through droplets from the nose or mouth that are fired when an infected person coughs or exhales. Thus, the masks above all prevent the spread of the virus.

The reborn Salamanca company ensures that its products offer all the official sanitary guarantees and "while most surgical masks use a 20-gram white filter, we have changed this standard feature to a 53-gram TNT filter", achieving that the masks "have a 95% filtration of germs and dust."

Police investigation to clarify

The problem that has arisen, in addition to the success, is to confirm that this company and its coveted products are not a scam. And flatly, they are not. The initial reluctance arose because his name became viral in the last hours via WhatsApp, especially considering that he presented a foreign WhatsApp number or a landline contact number based in Madrid.

But when in doubt, the National Police of Béjar has proceeded to investigate the situation, since they well know that this company is based in the textile city and they were dedicating part of their production to making masks (also pillowcases), but the doubt it had been established in the Police Station in case a third party had taken advantage of the situation to get an illicit slice of this trade.

As published, the agents began to investigate the veracity of the certificates and the legality of the sale. Thus, when they have received hundreds of calls to ask about this issue, they have always asked users for caution when purchasing them, since they were not 100% assured that the sale was legal and thus avoid buyers, in case being a scam, an irrecoverable loss of money.

However, as they have just confirmed to this media, and after all the relevant investigations, from the Police Station they have affirmed that it is a legal business and that everyone can purchase the products, although and confirmed to the Police by the owners of the company, "we are receiving a great demand". On the other hand, the confusion in the telephone numbers provided on the web is due to the fact that part of the company's share capital is installed in England and the web page is being managed by a third party.

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