Textil Béjar merges the only factory of sanitary nitrile gloves in Europe with Béjar Masks

Mascarillas Béjar is the beginning of the ambitious project Béjar Textile of a new concept of production. The objective is to offer in the world market products with the guarantee and quality that is supposed to be manufactured in Spain (Béjar) and Portugal (Lisbon). Thus, Europe does not depend on Asian manufacturers in everything concerning basic sanitary textiles.

Textil Béjar's project includes all the textiles that are needed for the global fight against Covid and similar contagious infectious diseases. For it ICW Holding, the parent company of Textil Béjar, reinforces its commitment with the only factory of sanitary nitrile gloves in Europe.

ICW Holding has invested 25 million euros to purchase the Béjar textile factory from RCRE

The new factory in Lisbon has 4 production lines for nitrile gloves of the brand Bailixin Machinery. The production capacity is 400 million gloves per month. The goal is to double current production and reach 2021 million before the end of 800.

In this way, Textil Béjar supports the fight against the pandemic at a crucial moment. The new factory is a boost for the European economy and labor market. In addition, it implements quality controls and the most advanced technology that until now was only available in the Asian market. This factory is an aid to the stabilization of prices, qualities and delivery times, which Asian manufacturers were taking advantage of.

ICW Holding has invested 25 million euros to purchase the factory from RCRE. Thus, it becomes the most active holding company in the investment of sanitary textiles, a strategic sector. The person in charge of directing this new acquisition and expansion will be Ricardo Martins.

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