Biodegradable masks to protect the planet

A Spanish company, Mascarillas Bejar, creates a first model made with polycarbonate

Masks Bejar revolutionizes anti-Covid protection with its new transparent mask made of fully biodegradable polycarbonate with a 25-year half-life.

The Spanish company has developed with MSM Tech is the only model that, in addition to being transparent, responds to the needs of the 2030 Agenda on the sustainability of the planet and its generation of zero toxic waste.

Mascarillas Bejar's concern since the beginning of the pandemic has been to provide reliable solutions at every step to the urgent needs of an exceptional health situation. Always concerned, at the same time, to meet the objectives of respect for the environment and the ability to recycle everything necessary in each step of its sanitary textile industry, its trajectory has had an impact on the preservation of our forests, seas and territories.

In accordance with the UN 2030 Agenda, pioneering campaigns have been carried out in the midst of the health crisis on the need to collect masks, not to invade seas, as well as to respect the environment and achieve sustainable ecosystems. Of course, an internal "eco" code of green responsibility was developed that combined the need to use these priority materials with the consequent and necessary recycling of their products.