Masks Bejar and Oliv, the response of Spanish talent to the pandemic. Elsa Martinez

..Elsa Martínez. Dircom of Mascarillas Bejar.
When we started this great project that today is Mascarillas Bejar and its textile matrix Bejar, our great challenge at the beginning of the terrible pandemic that we still suffer from, we had an essential objective: to fill the deficiencies of our sanitary textile industry, totally non-existent already, and to be able to supply from our own country the needs that were immediate and extremely urgent to avoid further misfortunes.

The pandemic put and has shown that it is not possible to relocate the entire structural productive fabric of a country or continent, as has also happened with Europe, for the benefit of short-term gains that do not think about the risks of a misunderstood “global world”. Costs, labor with social justice and decent minimum wages or labor rights, as well as the lack of raw materials (this is the first sector that had already been lost in our productive systems even before the production of necessary goods for the health sector)… All of this had led us to leave in the hands of third countries the ability to supply ourselves with what was necessary in an emergency situation.

Mascarillas Bejar makes up for the shortcomings of our sanitary textile industry, which is totally non-existent.

Luckily, we had not had to suffer in the last 20 years of this XNUMXst century any situation that would put us on the brink of a health cataclysm, much less ... which did not let us see the level of dependence that we were building on our health and, likewise, of our structural economy.

But the Covid arrived and put our entire vital system, and of course our health structure, on the brink of the most absolute abyss in a few weeks, if not days. During those months, the feeling of abandonment to the fate of a convulsive, insecure, global market, of health auction and of being adrift, collapsed our hopes in many moments and invaded the hospitals of despair. Not only masks were lacking, but ICU respirators, hospital beds, ways to solve the diagnosis and almost zero options to remake the scenario.

Mascarillas Bejar is a Spanish company, and above in Emptied Spain, capable of attending to the most basic things that citizens could not get even in pharmacies

In that scenography, Mascarillas Bejar was born and with it the hope that a Spanish company, and above all in the traditionally Emptied Spain, would be able to attend to the most basic things that citizens could not get even in pharmacies. Because now, from the perspective of a market flooded with surgical masks, ffp2 or hygienic masks of all types and profiles, we cannot appreciate in our memories those days of total confinement, where there was no human formula to locate a decent nitrile glove or se they bought the masks by units in pharmacies and hospital dispensers.

Today, after this year and almost a half, we can say that the vaccine is a reality that we have already inoculated almost 30% of the population, that we are taking a dizzying rate by age groups, and that masks, which are still necessary , will be a reason for protection that advances or recedes as the virus flies, travels, nests or changes from hand to hand, a resistant "type" according to its evolution that resists our society.

For this reason, at Mascarillas Bejar we have always been clear that we had to go hand in hand with its evolution and what could be derived from it with a powerful and active R&D Department.

Thanks to this I want to emphasize that we have managed not only to be present throughout Spain, serving the online masks that nobody could give in the entire serious initial stage of the pandemic, but that we have been able to create the true revolution that has come to stay and help us now , in this new stage of the pandemic; Oliv, the only 100% ecological and compostable mask. We are now revolutionizing anticovid protection with this new transparent mask made of fully biodegradable polycarbonate with 25 years of average life and that the Spanish company has developed with MSM Tech, also responding to the 2030 Agenda on the sustainability of the planet and its generation of zero toxic waste.

Masks Bejar has come to stay and has just presented Oliv, the only 100% ecological and compostable mask

Focused on the objective of Green Consciousness and a sustainable future, we can now offer that effective solution that reconciles the need for an eco-sustainable planet with the protection of all citizens against possibly recurring situations.

Because if it was always necessary, now it is essential to move forward with the planet giving vital importance to health and sanitation, perhaps the great Achilles heel of the new world future with solutions.

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