Mascarillas Béjar reinforces its production of FFP2 masks in the third wave of coronavirus

 Various newspapers have recognized our efforts during this new third wave in the creation of the FFP2 masks. In their article they comment on how we have expanded our range of sanitary products and how each of them has all the licenses and certificates required within the European Union regarding safety and protection, as well as the licenses and quality and protection regulations that are required in Spain.

FFp2 masks made in Spain

Our products are licensed by Aitex, UNE Standardization and by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, as well as ISO and Spanish Agency for Medicines certificates, among others.

In their articles they have conveyed our concern about the use of non-approved masks and the use of cloth masks, which we have already mentioned repeatedly that they do not provide the necessary protection for their user and on certain occasions can be counterproductive for their user.

We inform you that our greatest has always been safety, we have been concerned about producing products of the highest possible quality for the protection of our customers and we have demonstrated this with the manufacture of the NAN300 and IIR surgical masksThat is why we develop the necessary nanotechnology for this.

FFp2 masks made in spain

In this article we also talked about how to prevent the third wave from getting worse we have focused our forces on perfecting FFP2 masks, which offer 95% filtration. This comes hand in hand with the line of sanitary material that we have brought out in Bejar textile, with the intention of being able to help supply hospitals and healthcare centers of any kind and thus be able to cover their needs. All this so that the same thing as in the first wave does not happen again and we are all prepared to face this challenge in the best possible way.

You can find all this and much more in the EL Plural article, don't miss it.

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