Mascarillas Béjar receives the 2020 Innovation Award for its NAN300 mask

● Mascarillas Bejar receives another recognition for the new NAN300 mask, now awarded as the most outstanding innovation in anticovid protection at the 2020 Atusalud Gala.

● The award recognizes the trajectory of the Salamanca company, which has reinvented itself, becoming the benchmark in high-quality surgical masks, the most important in Spain, and now innovation to protect ourselves from the virus.

Mascarillas Bejar receives the 2020 Innovation Award for its NAN300 mask

The Bejar NAN300 Masks represent a revolutionary advance in the application of Nanotechnology to this new life partner that we have. The NAN300s have a surgical design and can be used up to 8 hours continuously (compared to 4 hours for the rest of the surgical ones), as well as being reusable since they can be washed up to 5 times and have a very high filtration level, reaching 99.8%.

On this occasion, the newspaper LA RAZÓN, has included Mascarillas Bejar among its winners in the IX edition of the ATUSALUD 2020 awards, awarding this innovation that makes our day-to-day more comfortable and offers us a higher protection index.
The NAN300 mask is fully customizable to the corporate colors of a company or action, an example of this has been the mask created for this edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, the line of designers that can be purchased on its website and that contains Exclusive designs signed by the firms Devota & Lomba, Roberto Torretta, Ana Locking and Ion Fiz, to which we must add a battery of ideas of the firm and its crealab in order to protect ourselves without losing our personality.
These masks are reusable, with five uses of 8 hours each after washing, and with very high filtration; They are also resistant to splashes and support design and customization, revealing themselves as a useful solution for companies, events, companies and institutions in need of high protection as well as image in their activities.
The new NAN300s are also a benchmark for creativity, both for the option of customizing them in companies and for their available design lines, which include the exclusive collection of Spanish designers and those that the brand's ideas laboratory has created to offer an image. in addition to the security of the best protection.
Since its birth, the company, which has been an example of reinvention in the pandemic and which today is a great benchmark for the success of entrepreneurs capable of crossing the barriers of what is possible and remaking their present and future in emptied Spain, It has undoubtedly been a company that has combined the quality production of IIR surgical masks, unique in its segment in Spanish manufacturing, with constant innovation and research.
Hence, the new NAN300 was born, an antivirus protection product that represents a revolution by combining the ergonomics and comfort of a mask, with a very high 99.8% filtration in two directions, resistant to external splashes and aerosols so dangerous in this pandemic virus. And above all, reusable in five washes of use for 8 hours each intensive. An element of protection that, in addition, admits the design and becomes, due to its magnificent stamping capacity, a tool for every day of this new daily life in which we have to live with protection as a vital motto.
Its comfort is another of its values; When you test a NAN300, it is difficult to accept another mask due to its easy use and above all its light and easy breathing and adaptability to the face. This also makes it suitable for use in mild sports situations where special protection is required.
Once again, MASCARILLAS BEJAR, reinvents itself and once again becomes a national and global benchmark in research and product proposals as necessary today as this in the protection against COVID. For this reason, the ATUSALUD AWARDS 2020 jury decided to award a special and unique award to a company that, above all, does not at all renounce being entrepreneurial and visionary.
Finally, the solidarity vocation must be highlighted, which from the beginning has also been a defining part of this company, which cares about the situation in Spain and contributes with all its sales to social and foundational actions to alleviate, as far as possible , the terrible effects of this pandemic that have exceeded all estimated forecasts.

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