Mascarillas Béjar presents its line of masks with Spanish designers at the MBFWM

The four capsule collections of the NAN300 with exclusive designs by Devota & Lomba, Roberto Torretta, Ana Locking and Ion Fiz will go on sale on September 14

Mascarillas Béjar presents its line of masks with Spanish designers at the MBFWM

Innovation and design came together at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid with the official presentation of the new nanotechnological line of Béjar Masks with exclusive designs by Devota & Lomba, Roberto Torretta, Ana Locking and Ion Fiz. The four capsule collections will be on sale starting next Monday, September 14 and can be purchased at the web and online shop from the Salamanca and Spanish company Mascarillas Béjar.

The line NAN300 It is the most innovative, safe, nanotechnological and protective bet that the Mascarillas Béjar firm has achieved after its research in nanotexture, sanitary technological fabrics and its application to the most comfortable way that the surgical mask supposes, thus obtaining a new concept of mask, analogous to the qualities of protection that the ffp3 model has.

The company announced in Ifema, during the official calendar of the MBFWM, that these masks will be put on sale with a special packaging of 24 units and will contain two masks of each of the three designs inside the case. The price per unit will be 2,99 euros, so the box can be purchased for 71,76 euros plus VAT. The line supports up to five washes and in perfect condition and its durability or usability with an active protection of 99,9% is eight continuous hours in each use.

Both Modesto Lomba and Ion Fiz, who attended the presentation this Friday, September 11, as well as Roberto Torretta and Ana Locking, were particularly happy about the challenge of designing with creativity and personality without losing an iota of sanitary qualities. All of them expressed their satisfaction for contributing, not only to fashion in a complement that they currently live with on a daily basis, but also to do so with all the guarantees and the security of offering an unbeatable product, approved, tested and certified 100% Spanish . The interveners also highlighted the Importance of Spain becoming an industrial power again, avoiding depending on others in crisis as important as the pandemic has been.

The MBFWM catwalk director, Nuria de Miguel, highlighted her satisfaction with the agreement reached with the Spanish company to protect, with an exclusive design, to all the participating team, IFEMA staff, exhibitors and visitors, in this brave event. Pepa Bueno, executive director of the Asociación Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) made available to this beautiful project the support of an association that actively participates, and always with great effort, in each and every one of the initiatives that it requires. Spanish fashion to continue advancing until a future of continuity.

For its part, the vice president of the company, Francisco Sans, reported in his speech, the difficult creation process that has been the phenomenon of Mascarillas Béjar (which has more than 100 direct and indirect employees today) in the critical situation of the pandemic and the effectiveness of the organization and the company have shown the undeniable support of each and every one of its clients in Spain. “From minute one, the response was so overwhelming that our website was crashed on several occasions and we have grown to meet all the demand. The result is constant evolution and continuous research to achieve, every day, to be able to offer more effective solutions while being comfortable, and why not, beautiful and stylish: NAN300 ”, the company said in a statement.

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