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We have contacted the newspaper AS to talk about the turn we have given to our company. At present we are known as Mascarillas Béjar, a leading company in the manufacture of masks in Spain, but our beginnings are different. Originally we were a small company in the textile town of Béjar known as Fibras Textil Sanchez, which was dedicated to manufacturing pillows and their derivatives, but with the pandemic we decided to reinvent ourselves and dedicate ourselves to the manufacture of surgical masks.

“For us, the coronavirus crisis has represented a dramatic opportunity for change, adaptation and business success. It is dramatic because it is not pleasant that a misfortune like the one that has happened with the virus is our reason for change and business success. But it is also true that new production models are learned from all major crises and, together with the troubled tragic times, new opportunities are born that allow us to move forward”, He explains in The Salamanca Gazette Alberto Sánchez, General and Factory Director of this family business.

We decided to make a change and invest in it, we bought the first machine to make masks in March and we have increased our workforce, currently we are more than 100 people working on this project. On our website you can find different products such as surgical masks, FFP2, reusable, and children.

Reusable masks

It is our most characteristic product, it is the NAN300 that are reusable, can be washed and have a filtration efficiency of 99,8%. This product has several models and designs that are well differentiated from each other.

On the one hand we have the designer line, which is a collaboration with Spanish designers such as Ana Locking, Roberto Toretta, Devota & Lomba and Ion Fiz, in which each one has made 3 unique and exclusive designs.

On the other hand we have our own design line, with the favorite styles of our workers, they consist of the ALE and NOA collection, and each of them consists of six models.

Last but not least, we have customizable masks, which are intended for companies and the client can choose the design they want for them, be it a differentiating style or the logo of their company.

Surgical masks

In this line, we can find the approved surgical mask, which is the most demanded by our clients, and the ones that can be seen the most on a day-to-day basis. In this collection we have two lines, the normal or adult size, for normal use for everyone and we also have one kids size, which is often harder to find for many people.

FFP2 masks

Finally we talk about FFP2 masksThey are the last that we have started to manufacture and are having a lot of acceptance among the public. These are equipped with 5 layers and are the most recommended for healthcare personnel and for closed spaces.

In this article that AS has written you can find more information about our products, if you want to find more information you can also visit our website, do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer any questions that may arise.