Masks Béjar: the cloud has rewritten the future of a textile company in emptied Spain

Masks Béjar: the cloud has rewritten the future of a textile company in emptied Spain

Madrid, September 30, 2020.- The one behind Mascarillas Béjar is the story of a family that has managed to transform a challenge into an opportunity. The name, Mascarillas Béjar, refers to the recently created high-filtration surgical mask production line designed by Fibras Textil Sánchez SL, a Salamanca company with a tradition of more than 25 years in the textile sector.

“Due to the current situation, we have felt the need to contribute by making all our resources available to manufacture high filtration masks. Mascarillas Béjar was born, thus, as a project that has the objective of responding to the great demand for sanitary material with a safe product that meets the highest standards and that, in addition, is manufactured 100% in Spain ", explains Alberto Sánchez, general director of Mascarillas Béjar.

For this, the Sánchez family has had the strategic advice of Esprinet, a leading IT solutions wholesaler, and Data Recover, Microsoft partner specialized in cybersecurity solutions.

Azure, key to scale the business from 0 to 100 in a few days, in a secure way

As soon as the project started, the company, a pioneer in Spain in the reconversion of the textile sector to face the new imperative needs of COVID-19, generated a very important expectation due to its novelty and capacity in the midst of the so-called emptied Spain, providing security of service to toilets, citizens and users with national production.

In this context of expectation and media pressure, Mascarillas Béjar was overwhelmed by the growing demand for products with more than 6 thousand emails a day. At the same time, the Civil Guard warned of imminent attacks on its E-commerce due to the security gaps it presented, which made it necessary to search for a platform that would guarantee the protection of its operations, relying as a result on the solvency and guarantee of the Microsoft cloud.

After analyzing the situation and studying the impact that the decisions to be made had on the online store, Data Recover was in charge of protecting the business as much as possible without losing efficiency. To do this, he arranged the entire Béjar Mask environment in Microsoft Azure. Thanks to the experience and partnership with Microsoft, he set up the environment against the clock for a weekend to ensure the company's sales and its distribution - which at that time was critical not only for the company but for the public health of all Spanish people-.

Adopting Microsoft Azure as a service provider in cloudMascarillas Béjar has managed to accelerate its digital capabilities, modernize its supply chain and improve the customer experience, offering you a 100% secure way to buy and sell. With Azure, Microsoft's scalable cloud, which provides a full spectrum of infrastructure, platform, and software and services capabilities suitable for any size of company, the Salamanca company is now able to effectively manage the newly created business. In this way, you can adapt with total flexibility as your activity demands, without the barrier to entry or the rigidity of a platform dependent on your own hardware.

Data Recover and Esprinet deployed a secure platform in a few days. Thanks to MS Azure Services like App Service, the Web was created as well as the integration with third party payment gateways; in the IAAS Services databases were housed; with Site Recovery data recovery is guaranteed in case of total or partial loss; with Network watcher, the supervision and diagnosis of possible network problems, etc. All this, deployed in different regions in order to minimize user waiting times and offer the best service.

“For us as professionals and for the future of the newborn production line, it has been essential to opt for a reliable alternative such as Azure, in the hands of our partners Esprinet and Data Recover. In one weekend we managed to set up an infrastructure that would respond to all security needs and thus continue with our exciting project ”, points out Alberto Sánchez, general director of Mascarillas Béjar.

In terms of regulations, Microsoft Azure complies with a wide range of international standards as demanding as the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as specific standards for each country, providing Mascarillas Béjar with the operation both in Spain and in any other market.

In addition, Microsoft has tools such as Microsoft Cloud App Security, a security agent solution for accessing the cloud (CASB). This tool offers Mascarillas Béjar visibility into its applications and services in the cloud, providing sophisticated analysis to identify and combat cyber threats, as well as to control how data travels.

An intelligent solution for comprehensive customer management

Faced with the massive queue of orders and requests, Mascarillas Béjar has also adopted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, a cloud solution for managing customer relationships, which has allowed it to standardize processes, obtain transversality of information for management and data analysis, simplify the creation of a single systems model and focus on the customer.

One of the most attractive features of Dynamics 365 Customer Service it is the ability that gives the company to manage its entire business with a single solution: it connects finance, sales, services and operations in a much more efficient way to optimize the entire supply chain. Thus, and thanks to functionalities based on Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to improve interactions with customers and, ultimately, the business, since decisions are made from data management

In the words of the CEO of Mascarillas Béjar, “Thanks to the solutions adopted, we have managed to give a boost to our family business and keep all the local workforce. The challenge has become an opportunity and we are very proud of it. Now that we have experienced the great potential of the digitization of the business, we are making plans for the future that include the use of bots for the first filter in the management of clients and the opening to other European markets ”.

The company is the perfect example of the search for opportunity and emerging markets in a crisis situation as exceptional as the one that occurred with COVID-19. Mascarillas Béjar was born in the middle of a pandemic to be the solution to a real supply problem, and an effective response to the most urgent social and health demand in a long time.

The evolution of Mascarillas Béjar will be ecological, sustainable, sensitive, social and intelligent and, for this, technological support is essential. This is another step in the consolidation of a company that is vital in the economy of Béjar today and an example in Spain, with more than 100 workers and a future projection that already includes other segments such as gloves, recently incorporated, or the design and alliances with other Spanish and European brands in a horizon of a solid future and in constant evolution.

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