Mascarillas Béjar manufactures transparent masks that allow facial identification without losing protection against COVID

The Oliv model guarantees comfort, ergonomics, aesthetics, design and ecology

In the current situation of the pandemic, when we are finally in a process of gradual and high immunization of risk groups, gradually achieving a situation of low incidences, the use of masks is still of vital importance.

And in this they have been working precisely in the R&D department of Masks Béjar of entirely Spanish production, to create the transparent masks Olive, made of 100% recyclable polycarbonate, with Surgical grade IIR Anti-Covid filters and safety sealing with food profile silicone Skincare. It is an ecological material that saves waste to the environment, the oceans and the entire expensive recycling process, since a single unit can be of long use if correct maintenance is followed.

The mask can last up to 25 years due to its components and the firm offers with the initial pack the essential sanitizing and anti-fog wipes, as well as the 61 filters for daily change as it allows the use of a maximum of eight hours each filter change. Later Mascarillas Béjar gives the option to subscribe to receive each month or each chosen time the packs of filters and wipes.

It goes without saying that the model meets the sanitary requirements of quality and comfort, but also, at an ergonomic level, they have achieved a comfortable adaptability to the face thanks to its design and its different sizes (XS, M, L).

Mouths visible to all

Thanks to its transparency, the design stands as an ally for people who depend on lip reading for their correct communication, after a year and several months of relational and conversational difficulties having to adapt with great difficulty to the reality that them has caused the pandemic. 

In addition, Oliv allows facial recognition in institutions, banks, notaries, customs, identification controls, citizen security, etc. without having to remove it from the nose and mouth, something that prevents contagion by aerosols. 

Educators and students can also take advantage of the characteristics of these masks to exercise gesturing and communication back and forth without visual barriers or interference. In general, they are an option to take into account for educational institutions, talks, conferences, public discourse, social, political, economic and public-facing situations, as well as in direct service jobs such as hotels, conference receptions, restaurants or airports. .

On an aesthetic level, finally, the elimination of the solar barrier that the white label left us during the summer and, perhaps also, the fact of being able to paint our lips again and show them off, generating new income for the cosmetic industry and personal well-being, it is very interesting. 

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