Mascarillas Béjar, the true benchmark for quality sanitary textiles in Spain, is once again committed to the future


When the debate is settled between the closures and the restructuring of the factories that, as a result of the pandemic, rebuilt their production plants to adapt to the new needs of sanitary material in the pandemic market, Mascarillas Béjar, the company that emerged in Emptied Spain , has once again demonstrated why they managed to be a benchmark in all of Spain and is already thinking about OLIV and the 2030 agenda, firmly betting on its manufacture in Castilla y León.

The life of Béjar has been famous in all the newspapers, television and social networks for being the headquarters of a model company of triumph and improvement, and today, in full debate of what will or will not be done with the mask factories in Spain with the lifting of the obligation to wear them outdoors on June 26, the most revolutionary company in the Spanish sanitary textile has once again demonstrated why they are a unique and international benchmark.

From Mascarillas Béjar, company sources assure us that not only are they not thinking of lowering their production level or changing their current manufacturing structures, but that they are committed to continuing more than ever working from Castilla y León, in Béjar, to ensure and reinforce the factories of sanitary textile that Spain, they say, should never lose again if it wants to learn from its recent history thanks to the pandemic.

The reality is that Europe and Spain suffered the consequences of not having your own manufacturing infrastructure for masks, gloves and all kinds of sanitary and personal PPE for any sanitary emergency, since their manufacture had been completely relocated, moving to Asia, preferably China, during the dumping which became after 2005 and which was fully increased at the end of 2009. Europe and Spain were left without manufacturing of these essential elements in the health of their countries, and dependent on global manufacturing, especially China.

Today Masks Béjar and Textil Béjar are, however, the answer and the maximum exponent of security and international protection from Spain with a safe and necessary 'made in Europe' from Castilla y León and with the full force of innovation.

The history of this Spanish company, born in Béjar (Salamanca), is a story of overcoming, perseverance and tenacity, of knowing how to see the urgency that a whole country had due to the pandemic that today we see as "day to day" and with the business vision of continuity as few have manifested throughout this year and a half pandemic that has become dense and hard for everyone.

Currently, Mascarillas Béjar together with its parent company Textil Béjar, and with the support of the fund ICW HOLDING, and after much effort and perseverance from the entire team, it has become a solid company and brand, rInternational leader in the manufacture of quality sanitary textiles. Manufacturing their products in Spain and selling them internationally.

But sometimes, and more so now that the debate on the mask is booming, it is worth asking what has been and what has led the company to its current success. From the IIR Surgical Masks, your first bet, to the Ecological, transparent and ergonomic OLIV Today, months have passed in which the first collaboration with prestigious Spanish designers was created, the NAN30 line (sanitary textile masks with a surgical design, in which they opted for a nanotechnological filter that filtered close to 100% of the virus , and that they were also customizable) it was a true revolution and proof of this were the exceptional names of the designers who signed it; Devota & Lomba, Roberto Torretta, Ana Locking and Ion Fiz, they were the ones chosen to champion Mascarillas Bejar's commitment to the Spanish textile industry. 

The NAN300s were also in charge of taking care of the security of the first international fairs held at IFEMA, such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, the first international fair to take place in our country, with an innovative hybrid format and with a reduced capacity. After that came the next edition of MBFWM, ESTAMPA and FITUR, already with the demanded and new ones being manufactured in Béjar, the necessary FFP2s that were also presented in different colors. All a commitment by Mascarillas Béjar for the safety of all and a sign of its support for the industry and different Spanish companies.

Now, they present their revolutionary OLIV, a unique, transparent, ecological, ergonomic mask designed in collaboration with MSM TECH that it has also decided to carry out from Béjar, in order to continue betting on the textile city and its productive capacity, creating quality employment and expanding its lines of research and development.

With all this, it has recently launched a new warehouse of more than 5.000 square meters in that town, and with it, continue betting on the emptied Spain. As a sign of this constant innovation and investment, the firm has acquired the only nitrile glove factory in Lisbon which is located in Europe, managing to position the firm as a clear international benchmark in the production of sanitary textiles, since to this must be added the manufacture of gowns, booties, and other sanitary protection products.

That is why today, Mascarillas Béjar continues to be a surprising benchmark, a solid company with a future, capable of continuing to bet on not reducing its production of these products and continues its commitment to Spanish production. All this thanks to the support and growing demand of Institutions, Clinical and Hospital Centers, large companies, etc. who are placing their orders to provide their workers with these protection elements.

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