Mascarillas Béjar collaborates with ARCO Madrid 2021

The Spanish company continues its collaboration with IFEMA Madrid, providing the ffp2 masks that the international art fair will offer to galleries and guests, on the occasion of this special celebration.

Mascarillas Béjar thus continues its growth in Spain, as well as its solid expansion throughout Europe and in countries such as the US and Latin America, being a benchmark not only for rebirth in the pandemic but also for consolidation now and later.

The company's commitment to culture has been a constant since its creation as a company began in April 2020; Since then, in the midst of a pandemic, to date, the leading company in the Spanish sanitary textile sector has stood out for its constant commitment to everything related to holding safe events within the framework of Spain's benchmark cultural development. From fashion, to theater, movie theaters, premieres, shootings, music and of course all matters relating to cultural associations, and to the most emblematic names of performers, actors, directors, and artists, Mascarillas Béjar has been associating its name with #CulturaSegura as one of its priorities given the challenge that this pandemic has posed for the cultural world and its unpredictable consequences, but of great social and economic significance for it.

 In this 40th edition of ARCO Madrid, the company collaborates with the fair by providing its magnificent ffp2 masks, thus maintaining its firm support for contemporary art. In this way, Mascarillas Béjar will contribute to the protection of visitors by providing a significant degree of security inside.

"It is an honor for the company to continue collaborating with ART, one of the most important and essential values ​​of human life, whose sensitivity and soul are linked to the development of all cultural disciplines and, of course, plastic arts, one of the essential actions in human development throughout History and more, if possible, in this special edition that, without a doubt, is the consecration of a world fair of essential reference in contemporary art and that was born in 1982, without leaving then to grow with the prestige and internationality of its participants, visitors, gallery owners and the regular collectors who have since reflected its evolution throughout the world.".

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