Mascarillas Béjar advocates the regeneration and Spanish industrial reinvention with the support of the institutions

The CEO of the company, Francisco Sans, participated in the Symposium of the Spanish Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists

CEO Masks Béjar, Francisco Sans, has assured that “it is necessary to learn from past mistakes and not let the industry sink again, prioritize investment in their own and that institutions support the regeneration and industrial reinvention of Spain again".

This was expressed during his participation in the closing of the Symposium of the Spanish Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists within the round table "Textile industry: efficient response for the existence of a green future".

En este sentido, Francisco Sans noted that "sustainability needs an urgent mindset shiftWithout this change in habits and consumption, without valuing the national product above the price as the only scale, something that was being the general norm until now, it will be difficult for us to achieve the sustainability values ​​necessary to save our ecosystem for the future. " 

For the CEO of Mascarillas Béjar, “the quality of sanitary textiles is vital and, although we have a dedicated R&D department that analyzes and makes it possible to reconcile recycling and sustainability of our impact as industrialists on current life and nature , of course, health prevention and the nature of our products that protect life prevail over any aspect that lowers quality even if it is sustainable ".

In his opinion, "the sustainable future involves being able to raise awareness of change among consumers and institutions, but always being able to recycle our industry. without causing again the relocation due to economic needs of our industrial production. For this, the consumption that should prevail at all levels is that of what is own, that which is manufactured in Spain and in Europe ”.

Mascarillas Béjar, which is currently the "Protective Company" of this textile association with more than 50 years of experience in the Spanish industry, wants to contribute to such an important need for the future of our planet, such as looking for the formulas that can achieve coexist the latest generation textile industrial development, with the needs of a present and a future for which green culture is a priority objective.

Currently, new production models dedicated to the production of masks and PPE units have been incorporated into the textile industries, due to the pandemic, to respond to the social need in the face of COVID-19. This new line of sanitary textile production caused by the pandemic is undoubtedly one of the most interesting topics since the production of PPE has changed the industrial landscape of a large part of our business profiles.

The 46th symposium was held last week and numerous conferences and posters were presented with innovative projects for the sector.

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