The truly protective masks are surgical IIR and FFP2 - Isanidad

Isanidad has conducted an interview with the vice president of Mascarillas Béjar: Francisco Sans where they have spoken about the importance of the prohibition of using hygienic masks in public places such as transport and closed places such as restaurants, offices, etc. This regulation will be imposed soon in Germany and France, for this reason they are one of the founding partners of the first Association of Manufacturers of Masks of Spain.

In this interview from Mascarillas Béjar we wanted to emphasize the different characteristics that a mask must have in order to protect it adequately since we still have doubts and it is essential to understand this, since we are in the third wave. For this, it is recommended that it always be an approved mask such as our IIR surgical mask, the new FPP2 also made in Spain and the recently created and more innovative NAN300; These latest masks are reusable for up to 5 uses with optimal nano-technical safety.

bejar nan300 masks

It should be emphasized and explained that the masks surgical IIR or the new ones FFP2 masks They are the ones that really protect you from Covid19, but on the other hand, the hygienic ones or those made of fabric without a filter do not.

Béjar masks are a Spanish product, it has the advantage of being close and providing you with a fast and optimal supply. Also when you buy in our company you are making sure to buy masks made in Spain and in this way you will not have to depend on international transport. You will have the masks at your disposal in less than 48 hours.

Today, can you continue innovating in masks?
The answer is yes. It is always innovating in this area. Although the typologies vary little, something important has happened and it is that those known until now as KN95 have now been renamed with a new certification in FFP2, research is also continuing on the improvement of the TNT of which the filters are composed.

"In the world of masks we are always innovating"

For us the challenge is to never go below 95% in FFP2 so that it is completely watertight and that it is resistant to aerosols and splashes (double protection, by means of two routes) or, for example, the 99,7% that we try to have in the masks surgical IIR, which have a use of 8 hours. On the other hand, our NAN300, which have a more textile appearance but whose fabric is the maximum nano organic protector, is our commitment to a textile design combined with beauty and maximum protection. 

We like to remember that all "Béjar Masks" masks are for at least one full working day

One of the questions they asked us was: What have we done from Mascarillas Béjar to make it a reference to Emptied Spain?

And we are proud to be able to say that we contributed to this not happening, since we created a project to recover an essential and necessary industry in the midst of a pandemic, now more than ever, being able to take advantage of the base of a company that already existed and that has given us the opportunity to create economy and employment.

Thanks to this highly innovative project to convert companies into something more necessary and productive, we have been an example of Spanish SMEs that are betting on this business model.