Elsa Martínez, director of Mascarillas Béjar, talks about the future of this health 'supplement'

industrial protection masks

Elsa Martinez, Communication Director of Béjar masks, has visited the group Merca2 to give us an interview in which he told us how this company reinvented itself into a pioneering company in the manufacture of masks.

How many masks do you make?

Per month we manufacture 30 million masks. Keep in mind that we have a manufacturing line of approximately 10 machines working at full capacity, manufacturing in three shifts, 24 hours a day.

Apart from all this, we also manufacture a month between 2 and 3 million fpp2 masks. We have almost 4 manufacturing lines that make more than 100 units a day.

You were the first to respond quickly to the demand for this type of sanitary product, what happened in Spain so that we were not able to respond to this demand?

It made us very happy to know give a spanish answer of the first magnitude, fast, efficient and in record time to a need that the country had for having been carried away by offshoring.

This is the most serious that Spain has done in a long time. There was nothing. In Spain there are no rubber bands, not even seamstress pins ... When Spanish industry is dismantled, A pandemic is coming, there is a shortage and these things happen.

How much longer will the mask last? Do you think he has come to stay much longer?

I hear a lot of debates where people are calculating when are we going to be able to remove the mask. I want to be a little less optimistic. Nobody likes to live with a mask, not even we who make it. We have had to reconvert as a "necessary evil". We are not happy to have to manufacture these kinds of products.

We were the first, running and with an incalculable risk. We know that the pandemic is not going to go away tomorrow, people can't relax with masks. I am not saying this to sell these products, but for a sanitary objectivity.

The reality is that as long as the whole planet is not 100% vaccinated, there is travel and migration, and the virus goes with people. There are going to be ebbs for the next few months. That is why the WHO does not recommend let the masks be lifted in the street until there is a total and absolute perception of world security.

Maybe we stopped taking her down the street in open spaces. This is the first thing that we are going to have clearly in the short / medium term. However, in closed spaces we calculate that this it will last until May 2022 minimum.

It is clear that you have reconverted your business with the arrival of the pandemic, what will you do when, in the very long term, masks are not mandatory?

About Us we are not going to dismantle the factory because we have a lot of European and Spanish hospitals to attend to. There are also many essential professions that have direct contact with patients. Masks for them will still be objectively necessary.

For this reason, we have decided to create Textiles Béjar. We think that, with regard to the market, the sale to the private consumer will decrease little by little, but the professional will go up.

That is where we are directing our commercial and communication efforts, to provide a solution so that all the people who work with the public don't be in danger in the development of their work.

'Mascarillas Béjar', reinvent yourself or die

In the middle of the so-called Empty Spain, a small textile company located in Salamanca decided reinvent yourself in one of the most difficult moments to take risks.

In March 2020, amid the chaos brought on by the supervening pandemic, this company radically changed its production to start making masks. The lack of medical equipment was one of the motivations that led them to reinvent themselves to respond to this urgent need.

En 'Béjar Masks' they swapped fabrics and suits for rubber bands and cotton capes. What at the beginning was a small business with 6 employees, now had more than 50 workers.

Today is a leading company in Spain. In addition to this, Mascarillas Béjar is committed to research. Last October they received the Innovation Award 2020 for its NAN300 mask, which was a revolution in terms of this medical device.


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