Tell me which mask you wear and I'll tell you who you are

Discover how you are according to how the latest fashion garments that the pandemic has brought us are like. Mandatory, necessary and ... fashion

Tell me which mask you wear and I'll tell you who you are

When the use of masks It was mandatory, we met three types of people: those who by then already had their N95 prepared surgical masks, those who, upon verifying that the previous ones were exhausted, navigated the networks to find pharmacy masks and those who made an effort to find models that not only protected, but also will fit your looks. The type of mask you wear says a lot about your personality, and that is why we have analyzed the models that celebrities wear so that you can detect which team you are from.

Protective screens

Maybe in the movie 'Outbreak' they will look good, but unless you wear them with a mask underneath, they won't work. Sorry, Pamela! "People have thought that it is something very comfortable because it allows breathing and is not as cumbersome as the mask, but no, it is not a substitute. The screen is not closed, so droplets and droplets can continue to come out below the screen. you keep spreading the virus. You have to use it together with a surgical mask so that it is effective and that it truly serves to fight against the coronavirus ", explains Gemma del Caño, pharmacist and specialist in biotechnology and food safety, to The confidential.

Surgical mask

Tell me which mask you wear and I'll tell you who you are

Safety is what matters most to you and what the mask combine or not with your look you do not care completely. You may have ten bottles of sanitizer gel in your bag and you are looking forward to the cold so you can wear even more gloves without people giving you a weird look.

Personalized mask

Tell me which mask you wear and I'll tell you who you are

Sarah Jessica Parker has dozens of face masks Masqd, one of the favorite firms of celebrities when it comes to choosing masks. Lace designs are the favorites, and cost about 15 euros to change. Have a custom design make it clear that the mask is for you one more accessory that you take into account when choosing your outfits. You may have more fashion masks at home what shoes at this point.

Branded mask

Perhaps you have noticed that logo masks they are the new brand phone case, the one that allows you to feel like a fashionista community without having to disburse huge amounts of money for it. You are passionate about fashion and you have found in masks another accessory in which to pour your love for trends. You may be in a hurry to spend eight euros on a disinfectant, but you don't blush when you spend a hundred on a mask.

Masks with message

Tell me which mask you wear and I'll tell you who you are

En the Malaga Festival Clara Lago chose a mask according to his activist, fighter and optimistic personality. Mask Starmask reusable hygienic, made of neoprene with a water-repellent and antibacterial finish, it had the message 'Respect' and is ideal for those who want masks, instead of silencing their voice, to enhance it. Clara's costs 15 euros.

Handkerchief masks

You like fashion so much that you cannot tolerate the idea of ​​wearing a mask, even if it is branded. Olivia Palermo He wears surgical masks that he covers with signature patterned scarves, something that his followers still haven't understoodWell, when you upload an image to their networks, they always remind you that handkerchiefs do not protect against the coronavirus. What they still do not know is that underneath he is wearing his relevant mask, something they would know if they read Vanitatis, of course.

Fantasy mask

Tell me which mask you wear and I'll tell you who you are

You probably love costume parties and the Sitges Festival and you have eagerly welcomed the arrival of the masks. You love that people stare at your looks on the street and you want your mask to differentiate you from the rest. This extravagant design by Lady Gaga It is from Lance Victor Moore and can only be purchased upon request.


Beyond all these trends, if you want to wear some really fashionable masks, get the designs of Ion Fiz, Roberto Torretta, Devota & Lomba and Ana Locking. for Mascarillas Bejar, a project from Salamanca that has joined the talent of four of the most important names in our design, who represent that personal effort to advance and do so with creation as a hallmark representing values ​​of Spanish culture. They have customized the classic surgical masks, combining the game of aesthetics and the art of design in an element that is necessary. A Spanish company, supporting Spanish design, you participate too.

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