Bejar, official masks of the 72nd Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Mascarillas Bejar presents its new Spanish Designers collection this Friday, September 11, with Devota & Lomba, Roberto Torretta, Ana Locking and Ion Fiz.

Bejar, official masks of the 72nd Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

The new Nan300 model, with very high nanotechnological filtration and total protection, is one of the essential protagonists of this new most international Spanish fashion contest, being the official mask of the entire contest with a spectacular design made for the occasion.
This same innovative model is the protagonist of a collection or the result of collaboration with four great names in Spanish fashion with Mascarillas Bejar and whose presentation will take place on Friday the 11th at 13:72 p.m. in the kissing room of this XNUMXnd edition of the international fashion event most important of the moment. 
The Nan300 will be presented by its creators, who have designed 3 exclusive models each, and have given color and style to this mask that reflects the creative spirit of each of the names that sign it, combining design and the most advanced technology. cutting-edge: a mask that provides maximum protection to be able to live this particular stage of our life with style and not stop having personality in it.
The sophisticated minimalism of DEVOTA & LOMBA, the contemporary and iconoclastic beauty of Ana Locking, the elegant sensuality of Roberto Torretta and the innovative sense of artistic femininity of Ion Fiz, are perfectly reflected in each of his designs, which give a unique value to these masks, in addition to their unmatched protection against COVID19 at 99,9 percent.
These masks are reusable, up to EIGHT WASHES, without losing a single one of their qualities and they adapt perfectly to the features, being comfortable to wear and easy to breathe due to their first-level NANOTECHNOLOGICAL AND ORGANIC fiber, which they carry in their second inner layer. , to compose the 4 layers of protection.

Its sale is scheduled for this month, and it is announced as a great contribution to design combined with utility in such delicate times where any element is essential in the health fight.
The project for the creation of design masks made by Spanish Creators of undeniable talent, unites innovation with the unique proposal resulting from textile research that NANOTECHNOLOGY supposes and its application to the SURGICAL MASK format now converted thanks to said textile into a mask of maximum protection, exceeding the security levels of fpp2 and fpp3. 

The Nan300 mask has been created with daily use in mind, but due to its level of safety with the nanotechnology system, it is suitable for gentle sports practice and will also be marketed internationally, bringing the maximum technology and our fashion within reach. from around the world, if you wish.

This project, exclusive to MASCARILLAS BEJAR for Spanish and revolutionary design, is the sum of two lines of research perfectly complemented; the high quality surgical masks made by MASCARILLAS BEJAR in Béjar, (Spain) that are already a benchmark of good work in the manufacture of masks as sanitary and individual protection material (PPE) in Spain and in Europe for their example of company in the New Economy of Reconstruction; on the other, the technique and evolution adapted to the new post-COVID 19 needs in the so-called NEW NORMALITY, with which we are living together and whose current reality will foreseeably continue for a moderately important time.

Masks Béjar will launch the new Nan300 for sale, in a pack of 50 units, with 4 different designs for each creator, that is, a total of 16 different designs in each pack and hopes to be the answer of Spanish fashion for its innovation in all senses that will shortly make it an ICON of our social life. 

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