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Recently, the newspaper el País has published an article on the digitization of small and medium-sized companies in Spain. These types of companies constitute 99,84% of the business fabric and this transformation constitutes a challenge for them. We have been selected by this institution as an example of digital transformation.

This article talks about the limitations that the pandemic has brought and how despite the difficulty that it is for an SME to digitize, it is a necessary effort to adapt to the times that have come. Since both in Europe and Latin America it is considered that most of the trade will be done digitally.

Fibras Textil Sanchez

In the article it is mentioned that although 99,84% of the economy is based on small and medium-sized companies, only 33,9% of these do online commerce and 22,4% of these do not even use the Internet in their business.

They talk about the conversion that our company has had, for 25 years we were a textile company that manufactured home equipment, better known as Fibras Textil Sánchez, and as we have due to the need of the Spanish population, we have been able to reconvert ourselves into an expert company in the manufacture of masks and we continue to manufacture from Béjar. 

"In March we saw our traditional business stop, and in April we were already selling masks made in Béjar ", recalls Elsa Martínez, spokesperson for the company. To achieve this, in addition to buying machines in China and Taiwan, they had to launch an ecommerce website at full speed, and even face online attacks - "some middling importer we bugged, probably"says Martínez

Despite the difficulties and risks we suffered, we managed to adapt our field of management and began to sell our products digitally.“Suddenly, we became a viral phenomenon, and we were totally saturated with emails, orders and attacks. In addition, we realized that we had a cybersecurity breach "

Sanchez textile fibers

Thanks to these changes we have managed to expand our workforce to 100 employees to be able to work in three shifts and to supply the needs of our clients. The mask is here to stay as a social habit, and we also want to replace the Chinese providers of the hospital system. We may not reach current production, but we have certainly demonstrated our ability to adapt ”, Martinez says.

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Read the News of El País